Food Hygiene


Food hygiene is a broad term used to describe the preservation and preparation of foods in a manner that ensures the food is safe for human consumption. This process of kitchen safety includes proper storage of food items prior to use, maintaining a clean environment when preparing the food, and making sure that all serving dishes are clean and free of bacteria that could lead to some type of contamination.


The food storage aspect of food hygiene is focused on maintaining the quality of the food, so that it will be fresh when used in different recipes. With dry goods, proper food hygiene calls for placing items such as sugar or flour in airtight containers that are clean and dry. The containers are then placed into a pantry or reside on a kitchen counter where they are relatively safe from humidity and extreme temperatures.


In like manner, meats must be stored properly as part of proper food hygiene. Many people choose to use containers especially designed for use in a freezer in order to preserve raw meats for later use. Freezing helps to slow the process of decay, thus minimizing the chances for food poisoning when the meat is used at a later date.


To promote good health, therefore, food should be properly stored and prepared.

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